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9:38am on Friday, 3rd February, 2023:



It's the Global Game Jam today. I have to be at Essex University for the start, which for us is 4pm.

Also, we're having our drive relaid today. I won't be able to get the car out of the garage. This means I'll be taking the bus.

So, which bus?

The First Bus web site confidently tells me that buses leave West Bergholt (the village where I live) at 3 minutes past the hour. There's a map and a journey planner and everything. It also links to a .PDF of the full timetable. This confidently tells me that the bus leaves at 15 minutes past the hour. OK, so I guess I aim for 3 minutes past and wait 12 minutes if it's wrong.

Buses from Colchester to the university are more frequent, basically every 15 minutes. To arrive by 15:30, the latest I can catch would leave at 14:47. To make that bus, I'd need to take the one at 14:03 (which would get to Colchester in time) or the 13:15 (because the 14:15, if that's when it leaves, wouldn't get there in time).

Somewhat irritatingly, it only takes me two hours to walk to the university. If I set off at 13:30 I could be there by 15:30. Also, my legs are more reliable than the buses.

[10 minutes later]

OK, so the people doing the drive asked me if I'm going to need the car and have let it out before they started ripping up the tarmac. My car is now roadside, in among four or five construction company vehicles. Yay! No bus for me!

At around 2am yesterday, someone broke into a car in the pub car park about a hundred metres away at the end of the street.

I shall be putting fresh batteries into our CCTV cameras.

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