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2:28pm on Saturday, 18th June, 2022:

Top Floor


We helped our younger daughter move into her new flat yesterday.

We'd been told it was on the top floor. The buttons in the lift went from the ground floor to floor 5, but when we pressed the button for floor 5 the lift stayed put. It did the same for floor 4. We figured it was probablyout of order, so walked up 85 steps (carrying boxes of stuff) only to find that floor 5 had a door saying that opening it would set off an alarm. Floor 4 existed but only had two flats in it, neither of which was the right one.

It turned out that the right flat was on floor 3. How could that be described as being on the top floor?!

Ah. Well imagine a building shaped like an H. A flat on the horizontal bar would be on the top floor for that section of the building, but not for the vertical sections. My daughter's flat was in the section equivalent to the horizontal bar.

Fortunately, the lift did agree to go up to floor 3, because otherwise I would be writing this from hospital having passed out with exhaustion.

The flats are numbered from 1 to 153. Each flat has an allocated parking space. The parking spaces are numbered from 1 to 128 then from 1 again to 25. There is no correlation between flat numbers above 128 and their associated parking spaces.

Oh well, so long as her place has Internet, she should be fine.

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