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6:00pm on Thursday, 16th June, 2022:



I went to London today to meet an old friend. It's only the second or third time I've been there since the pandemic, but it's much the same as it was before except that the restaurant we usually go to has shut. Oh, and it was somehow ten degrees hotter.

The train featured new rolling stock, which is now as good as German trains were 15 years ago. They might even have been German carriages, as there were messages in German and French above the seats (not in English, though, so I refused to understand them).

We went to a French restaurant for lunch (which, because the menu was supposed to be French, I didn't refuse to understand). I had rabbit. The last time I had rabbit it was cooked by my father-in-law and he rather overdid the sauce — it could have been any meat on the planet, human included, and I wouldn't have known. This time it was pretty tasteless, so basically chicken for people who don't like chicken (that would be me, then).

I spent years believing that the French word for bread, pain, was feminine because a teacher at school had confused it with the French word for rabbit, lapin. Pain is actually masculine. No, I don't know how they decide these things either.

Hardly anyone on public transport was wearing a mask. This was particularly bad on the tube. I myself sported a mask, but if anyone near me had COVID-19 I don't think it will have saved me — it was too packed.

I should have bought one of these at the medieval fayre when I had the chance.

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