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12:59pm on Sunday, 13th November, 2022:

Drawing Anyone


I finally got to the front of the Drawanyone queue and had my five shots at generating images.

Here's the training data I used. The pictures are of the Edwardian actress Maude Fealey, largely because I think she's really good looking.

These are the outputs along with my prompts, in the order I generated them:

Overall, I'm not as impressed as I was hoping I would be. The likeness is hit and miss, and hands are no better than they are in other AI image-creation systems.

In order of least-bad to most-bad, I'd say: newsreaders, office worker, Mucha, WoW and impressionism.

Maybe I'll wait awhile before paying them some money for another go.

Alternatively, I could just use a different email address. Hmm...

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