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11:42am on Saturday, 8th January, 2022:

Dot Com


It occurred to me that I ought perhaps to purchase the URL howtobeagod.com, for use with my recent book. There are two other books with this title available on Amazon, so it wasn't a given that I'd get it.

How to Be a God by Awond Malone seems to be some kind of self-help guide, advising people what to do to reach their "pinnacle". It strikes me that anyone who needs advice in this regard is unlikely to have much of a pinnacle to reach, but I expect more people will want to read it than will want to read mine.

How to Be a God: Volume One: Sex With Humans (The Science of Living Right) by Saint Sierra is what looks to be an extensive rant about how the world really works and how knowing this can help you get your own way with it. Again, this is going to appeal to more people than my book will.

Anyway, I looked up howtobeagod.com and the name was taken. It didn't tell me by whom, just that it was done through Moniker in 2018.

Hmm. The Malone book was published in 2021 and the Sierra book was published in 2000. Why would anyone register —

I checked my own Moniker account and it transpired that I myself had registered it. It's just taken me that many years to get the book finished.

Anyway, as a result of this, howtobeagod.com is now a thing.

Yes, I did hand-HTML the website in forty minutes, which is why it looks so rubbish.

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