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10:42am on Friday, 7th January, 2022:



Colchester's weekly newspaper is the Essex County Standard, but it also has a daily newspaper. It used to be called the Colchester Evening Gazette, but then they switched to printing it in the morning so now it's just the Daily Gazette. They're published by the same company; the Essex County Standard is effectively the omnibus edition of the Daily Gazette.

In an effort to entice people to take the Daily Gazette, free copies are delivered to households in different parts of Colchester every few years. This week, it's been our turn.

Clearly, the hope is that after seeing what I've been missing, I'll pay for regular deliveries. Unfortunately, I have indeed seen what I've been missing and the answer is: not much. National and international news, such as it is, I've invariably read on the BBC web site either the day before or the day before that. Local news is so thin that often the headlines alone tell you all you need to know ("Covid cases still rising in Colchester"). Human interest stories are equally thin ("Echo the duck aiming for Guinness World Record") and without exception involve tired puns ("That's quackers!"). The puzzles are at times engrossing, but if I wanted puzzles I'd buy The Puzzler (which is where the Daily Gazette sources them).

In short, it's well worth 25p or even 30p, but not the 80p it would actually cost.

Still, at least I don't have to buy the Essex County Standard this week.

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