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8:53am on Friday, 29th January, 2021:

Into the Metaverse


It was the Into the Metaverse conference this week. I spoke in the last slot on the subject of the ethics of the metaverse, along with Hendrik Lesser. It was pre-recorded, so we had a test run first (which I actually preferred as it was open-ended and resulted in more of a conversation than an interview). I think the recorded event worked, though, and I enjoyed the live-in-Zoom conversation we had afterwards (which was also open-ended). I doubt that Hendrik and I could have been flown out to California for this event, so it's one example of how online conferences have some advantages over offline ones.

That said, I tried to attend the networking event in Zoom after our discussion ended but no-one let me in after 5 minutes of waiting so I gave up.

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