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1:55pm on Tuesday, 20th July, 2021:



My last read-through of my young adult fiction novel revealed no show-stopping errors and relatively few minor improvement ideas, which would ordinarily mean that I'd be done with it and could release it into the wild. However...

My post about putting "the" in front of French road/boulevard/bridge/roundabout/arcade/palace names resulted in a full explanation from former MUD2 arch-wiz Henry Mueller regarding when to use them and when not to, and also when to capitaluse rue/boulevard/pont/rond-pont/gallerie/palais (basically, only at the start of a sentence). This led to so many changes that I'm going to have to re-read everything through once more in case I find some other example of French street names that I've missed.

I am somewhat regretting my decision to make the book longer in response to pacing problems, rather than shorter.

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