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10:25am on Monday, 19th July, 2021:



Because we were away at the weekend, we didn't order our usual weekly shopping delivery. This meant that today I actually had to go to Sainsbury's in person.

Today is officially "Freedom Day" in England, when most of the restrictions due to COVID-19 disappear. I was therefore curious to see how shoppers would behave.

The vast majority seemed, like me, to regard "Freedom Day" as short for for "Freedom to Catch COVID-19 Day", and were wearing face masks. There were four categories of people who weren't wearing masks, though:

The shop workers were a surprise, but that may be because a disproportionate number of them are in their early 20s (and therefore believe themselves impervious to all danger). There may be some thick ones, though, as evidenced by a conversation between two of them that I overheard. It seemed that one of their colleagues had been called in to work, so had showed up to clock on as requested, but had cautioned "You do know I've tested positive for COVID, don't you?".

I'm hoping the virus she brough with her hasn't spread as quickly as the news that she'd brought the virus with her.

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