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11:10am on Saturday, 9th October, 2021:

Old Games


I was looking through some of my old game designs this morning, lamenting the fact that the paper had yellowed so much that often I could barely make out what I'd written. Given how bad my handwriting is at the best of times, this means they're doubly hard to follow. Pro tip: write in pen, not pencil.

The particular seam I was looking at contained games that were mainly to do with gangsters and Caribbean pirates (three or four of each), but there were some outliers (one called Legions of Doom had potential in concept but its mechanics let it down).

Most of these games are unfinished and none were made professionally. My total lack of core graphical design skills and my absence of any connections with games publishers put paid to any ideas I might have had in that regard. Still, I didn't design them to be sold, or even to be played; I designed them because it was fun.

Paper notes and prototypes don't age well, but I'm pretty sure they'll last longer than the designs on my PC.

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