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3:01pm on Wednesday, 8th September, 2021:

IGGI Conference


I'm at the IGGI Conference today. This used to take place in person, Before the Sickness Came, but this year it's Online.

The venue is Gathertown, which works surprisingly well. OK, so I can't easily grab someone I see at a distance and talk to them, because I don't know what their intention is (are they going somewhere or just mooching around?); then again, no-one can buttonhole me and press me into a conversation when I'm just about to go make a cup of tea, either.

One thing we didn't have that real conferences have is the runner: someone with a microphone who hands it to whoever is next in line to ask a question in the Q&A session. I guess this could be simulated by an NPC under the control of a moderator, but it might as well just be a limelight (which is what old theatres used to shine on a member of the audience to pick them out): if the limelight shines on you, you get to speak. I expect something like this will be implemented within a few months if it's not available already.

This was how Gathertown looked during a student presentation at 2pm:

There were 81 people there, which is more than I ever get in my lectures.

It's also more than the number of people I see in Crowfall, but let's not dwell on that.

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