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9:31am on Tuesday, 7th September, 2021:



I have to write resit exam papers in January "just in case" a student needs to resit their summer exam. Almost invariably some do, but not always. If all the students pass in the summer, that means I can re-use the resit exam the following year (if the syllabus hasn't changed). Becuase it takes a day to write these papers (including the answers and associated admin), I really rather hope that none of my students do need to resit. When I tell them I want them all to pass their exams in the summer, I really mean it.

This year, the CE817 exam had one — ONE — student who needed to resit the exam. That one student got a whole exam paper to themself. I can't re-use a paper if one student has seen it. Augh!

I dutifully logged into the help page and monitored my email from 10-1 yesterday morning in case the student had any issues with the paper, but they didn't. I found out why in the afternoon: the student had not submitted any answers.

Ordinarily I would be very pleased if a student hadn't submitted any answers, because that would mean I had one fewer exam script to mark. That wasn't what was uppermost in my mind, however. What I wanted to know was: did the student download the paper? If they did, I can't re-use it. If they didn't, I can re-use it.

I asked the admin person in charge and she asked the IT people, and after an anxious wait I learned that the student did not download the paper. This means I can re-use it next year.

Yesss! I was really pleased with that paper, it would have been a shame not to have been able to re-use it.

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