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9:56am on Thursday, 2nd December, 2021:



I had my booster jab this morning, so a fortnight from now should be reasonably protected against all those people who won't wear masks because they think it'll make them impotent or something. I've experienced no side effects so far, but I was only inoculated half an hour ago so there's plenty of time for that.

On this occasion, I was given the Moderna vaccine rather than the AsteroidZen one I had for the first two doses. According to the leaflet I read while waiting for the mandatory-but-not-actually-enforced 15 minutes post-vaccination period to expire, it causes the body's cells to create spike proteins five times per vaccine particle then conks out. That's information I already knew, but only because I'd read a couple of scientific papers to find out why the modified cells didn't keep generating spike proteins indefinitely. I still don't know what happens to the cells themselves after they've done this, but suspect they either go back to normal operation or conk out themselves.

The venue, as before, was the Colchester United FC stadium. Over a million doses have been put into arms there, and overall it was a very slick and efficient operation.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Colchester United FC (currently three places from the bottom of league 2, which is but one place above relegation to the semi-professional National League).

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