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11:56am on Wednesday, 1st December, 2021:

Kitchen Sink Draka


Our kitchen sink is blocked. It's been getting slower to empty for quite a while, but yesterday it didn't empty at all.

I dismantled the rather complex manifold of pipes beneath it, but the blockage is further along (I doubt that any of the sludge-dissolving chemicals we've added over the years have even got that far).

Purchasing and deploying assorted pipe-cleaning utensils from the local DIY superstore didn't help, because the only one I could get past an awkward, unremovable S-bend had a perfunctory attachment on the end of it that made no difference whatsoever. I considered trying to blast the blockage out using a garden hose, but then I'd have had a flooded kitchen.

I contacted our go-to plumber and asked when he could come and fix it.
He said next Tuesday at 1pm.
I said that a week was a long time to go without a kitchen sink, could he come sooner?
He said next Tuesday at 8am.

We do have a decent sink in our utility room, so can do sink-related things. Unfortunately, our dishwasher empties into the same pipe manifold as the sink, and using it results in half a sinkful of dirty water that's been pumped up through the plughole. I've just had to bale it out.

Oh well, better now than Christmas Day.

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