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10:07am on Sunday, 31st May, 2020:



The UK government knows that relaxing lockdown rules will lead to an increase in Covid-19 cases, as indeed does anyone who gives the matter a moment's thought. I don't understand why our glorious leaders haven't been up front and said that this will be the case. When the inevitable happens, the government could say "we told you so" instead of having the populace say "we told you so" the the government.

Of course, if they had said it then the media would have asked why the rules were being relaxed in the first place, to which the honest response would have been either "This is a cold, calculated demonstration to show stupid people why we still need the rules.", "More people will die of other causes if we don't get the economy back up and running." or "The country can't afford to pay for lockdown indefinitely, so we're all going to have to take our chances just like we said we would right at the start".

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