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9:08am on Wednesday, 12th February, 2020:

Bad Backs


I won some more playing cards at auction on eBay this week. I'm on a roll!

These are by C. L. Wüst of Germany. They date from around 1900; I can't find the exact name and date of the design, but there are similar ones from around then by Wüst. although this one has a more ornate border and gold leaf cornering so is probably a bit later.

There are only 51 cards in this particular deck (it's missing the 7 of Hearts). Normally, I don't buy decks that are missing cards: I want to be able to play games with them, at least in theory. These do look gorgeous, though, following in Wüst's tradition of making packs based on Swiss cities and cantons.

Also, I can't play games with them anyway. This is what the above four cards look like from the back:

Every card has a different piece of scenery on it. If you see Basel, you know you're looking at the King of Spades.

Wüst card-marking system ever...

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