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12:42pm on Monday, 10th February, 2020:

You're Welcome


This is the current poster that's been put up between squares 2 and 3:

The repeated use of the word "community" and explanation of its assorted attributes carry that touch of desperation that smacks of "the lady doth protect too much, methinks". Something divisive must have happened that requires a value-signalling response from the university, probably following some blow-up on Twitter.

I don't know who commissions these posters. Unless this particular one is some kind of mind game operating on multiple levels, I can't see its having been given much attention by experts in changing public opinion. It reads as if it's been dictated over the phone.

What particularly annoys me about it isn't its content, though, it's its ungrammatical structure. "A genuinely global community that lives, works and plays together." is not a sentence. How am I supposed to tell my students that their papers are ungrammatical for having sentences with no governing verb if they can point at a university poster that boasts two such sentences written in 864-point letters?

That said, my CE217 lecture this morning did include a new slide upon which I'd written "mult-iplayer" instead of "multi-player", so my own checking of formal material isn't exactly perfect, either.

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