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8:55am on Wednesday, 17th July, 2019:



Yesterday, I went on the first helicopter flight of my life — 20 minutes flying along the northern coast of eastern Crete. It was pretty damned good: modern helicopters seem to have much better stabilisers built into them and the intercom system meant you could talk to each other over the noise of the rotor blades.

Here's a video I took as we went over the island of Spinalonga, which domiinates the view from our hotel. You might want to turn the sound down before playing it...

The final second or so is to prove I am in a helicopter and it's not just a drone shot. It is not, repeat NOT, bad camerawork. Honest.

There we five passenger seats in the helicopter: one next to the pilot at the front and the other four in a line at the back. Those who sat in the middle seats at the back couldn't see as much as the others.

It was no coincidence that all the people who got the good views were male and all the people who got the bad views were female.

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