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9:52am on Tuesday, 16th July, 2019:



We went on a boat trip yesterday in a glass-sided catamaran. Sitting in the hull beneath the water level was like looking into a vast acquarium: the sea is so clear around Crete that the view was completely uninterrupted.

Well, it was if you were facing outside the hulls. I was facig inside the hulls. All I got to see was the other hull and the occasional sunken tyre. The best photo I took was of fish going from port to starboard when the crew threw some bait in at that side for the fish to eat.

There were some barracudas that I missed, but I did get some glimpses of the sea turtle that swam around for several minutes. It's hard to see past people who are pressing their faces aand cameras close to or onto the glass.

The trip ended with half the passengers saying how wonderful it was and how they'd love to do it again, and the other half saying it was a bit of a dead loss really.

It was no coincidence that all the people who got the good views were female and all the people who got the bad views were male.

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