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7:46pm on Tuesday, 5th February, 2019:

Patience 17


Ha! Not only did I win the Dutch deck of playing cards, but I also won this! They were by the same seller, so maybe he didn't put the right keywords in to trigger the searches of people richer than I am.

OK, so these are Muller Patience cards number 17. Muller is a Swiss company, best known for its riotously successful Swiss Costumes set of patience cards, so this is actually quite an unusual deck to find. It dates from 1895 and has gold corners, although the printing of the cards themselves isn't really good enough to merit such an embellishment. I'm not sure, but I think the picture cards are meant to be of children. They're quite charming, anyway, which is why I bid on them.

You can read the name of the company on the jack in the picture. If it hadn't have said this, I'd have had a hard job figuring out who the manufacturer was as there's no indication on the box.

A nice addition to my collection, anyway.

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