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5:03pm on Thursday, 22nd March, 2018:



I had to be on campus today for some meetings, but as I have assignments to mark (43 CE317, 5 CE817, 79 CE217) I thought I'd better do some marking in between meetings.

My CE317 marking is being done by recording. I look at their assignment and record myself commenting as I look at it. This results in an .mp3 file averaging about 25-30 minutes long. To record, though, I need a microphone.

I don't have a mic at work, so I had to take my mic from home. This is part of a headset that I like but which has very thin plastic on the top and the earphones. This plastic skin is coming to pieces, so every time I use the headset I end up leaving bits of black plastic everywhere. I didn't want to walk around at work with bits of black plastic stuck to my face, so I was planning on covering the earphones with tissues.

As it happened, though, I didn't need to do that as my work PC didn't have a microphone jack socket. It had two earphone sockets — one of which worked — but no microphone socket.

I recorded it all on my phone, which was far more convenient any way.

Bonus: students will be able to hear all the emails arrive and all the trucks reverse outside my office.

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