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5:23pm on Wednesday, 21st March, 2018:

Late Rush


I often seen news articles about how a web site becomes unusable seconds after opening because there's a rush to access it. It happens mainly with tickets to events or government announcements to do with getting free money, but I've also seen it for pages such as the 1911 Census when it first opened.

With my assignments, it's the exact opposite. The rush is in the seconds before the submission page closes. Trying to upload a many-megabytes .zip file from home when everyone else is also trying to upload a many-megabytes .zip file from home takes longer than it would have done if you'd tried half an hour earlier. Thus, Late Submission forms exist.

It's great that my students enjoy my assignments so much, they want to work on them right up to the wire.

Please to not attempt to disabuse me of this impression.

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