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8:43am on Saturday, 20th January, 2018:



The hotel in Berlin I'm staying in doesn't show up on Google Streetview, as it was under construction when the camera car went past. It's close to where the Cold War's famous Checkpoint Charlie used to be, and opposite the course of the Berlin Wall. Indeed, I walk past a preserved section of the wall on my way to the conference venue.

It's a lot thinner than I was expecting it to be, although of course there was more to the border than just the wall itself — there was a kill zone on the East Berlin side of it and other walls and structures there too.

It's possible to buy pieces of the wall with relative ease. It was something like 150km long, surrounding all of West Berlin, so there's a lot of rubble there to sell. All the pieces for sale seem to have spray paint on them, but this looks to have been added later. I'm pretty sure the flat surfaces of most of them are the result of cutting a chunk in two, too. Tempted though I am to buy a piece, I think I'll resist; it may be historical, but so are fossils and I don't have any of those on display at home either.

Now to go outside and discover whether the BBC weather report is as far off the truth as it was on it-won't-rain yesterday...

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