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9:07am on Friday, 19th January, 2018:



I'm sitting in the departures lounge at Stansted Airport at the moment, steeling myself for a Ryanair flight to Berlin. I'm talking about immersion at the Into Worlds event on Sunday afternoon. This gives me two whole days to try figure out what I'm going to be saying.

The destination airport is sufficiently obscure that you need to change trains to get from there to central Berlin. I've fallen foul of the German railway system before, as I never know where/how to get tickets and whether I need to get them stamped before boarding the train or not; my alarm at the prospect of taking the wrong train, having the wrong ticket and ending up in police custody in Polqand was sufficient that the conference organisers took pity on me and gave me some money for a taxi. So long as the taxi driver on the way back can find the airport, I should be back in time to appear at the lecture I'm supposed to be delivering back at the university on Monday.

I had to get up early to drive to Stansted. I get up early every morning in order to drive my wife to the station (she commutes), and a 6:30 alarm actually represented a 20-minute lie-in for me. However, she doesn't work on Fridays, so I had to set my own alarm. My alarm clock had run out of batteries, so I put in a new one. As it happened, I awoke periodically during the night (which often happens when I have an alarm set, as I try to wake u before it so I can switch it off before it wakes up my wife) and I actually got up at 6:25. This is just as well, because the alarm clock said it was 10 to 11. I don't know what happened to it, as it was ticking all night. It certainly didn't go off when it thought it was 6:30, or I'd have been awoken at 2:10. I've set it to the correct time and left it at home; if it's not the correct time when I return late on Sunday, it can expect to suffer the consequences.

Talking of time, it turns out that the new watch I got for Christmas sets off airport metal detectors in a way that the watch it replaced didn't.

The man in front of me at airport security was dressed as a chicken. Fortunately for him, he didn't set off any alarms or he might have had problems complying with instructions to remove various articles of clothing. Hmm, probably fortunately for us, too.

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