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2:05pm on Friday, 9th March, 2018:

Green to Red


In Secret World Legends, most quests will give a reward of three or four green items of gear.

You can add a green to another green of the same type to level it up. The maximum level is 20.

You can fuse two level 20 greens to get a level 1 blue.

Blues can be levelled up as well, capping out at 25.

You can fuse two level 25 blues to get a level 1 purple.

Purples can be levelled up to level 30.

You can fuse two level 30 purples to get a level 1 orange.

Oranges can be levelled up to level 35.

You can fuse two level 35 oranges to get a level 1 red.

Reds can be levelled up to level 70. At that point, gear hits the maximum and can't be levelled up further.

Now, there are a few short-cuts. Some higher-level content can give you rewards that act as boosts. A boost of a particular colour will increase the level of an item the same colour by something like half a level to a level. In my entire time of playing the game, I've only ever seen one red boost. I see maybe two or three orange boosts a day, perhaps 15 purples and a similar number of blues. I see fewer green boosts, as I don't tend to do that content.

I'm telling you this so that you can appreciate how hard it is to grind up your gear levels in this game.

Perhaps once every three days, I'll find myself in a group with someone who has level 70 reds in all 9 gear slots. The last one I met assured me that she'd got it all from playing the game for several hours every evening since launch.

I've been playing several hours every evening since a month after launch, and currently have six red items and three orange. My highest red items are my weapons, at level 26. These are the result of the effects of orange boosts that arrived courtesy of the one lockbox a day that subscribers to the game get to open for free. Otherwise, I'd maybe have one red weapon and one red other piece of gear, with the rest orange.

I know other people buy lockbox keys by the dozen to level up their gear, but I really wish there was a flag on characters that told you they'd done that. Then, I wouldn't have to listen to people lording it over me while bare-faced lying about it.

Being able to filter myself from joining groups with them would be good, too, although not as good as never being grouped with people who wear comedy animal masks would be.

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