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4:19pm on Thursday, 8th March, 2018:



We have a new approach to final-year projects starting at the moment: our second-year students have to choose what project they'll be doing next year quite a bit earlier than they used to have to do. Meanwhile, the current third-year students are desperately trying to get their project into a state where they can demonstrate it to all and sundry on Project Open Day a week on Monday.

This means I'm telling a group of enthusiastic second-years that they have completely under-estimated the amount of work involved in what they propose to develop and need to cut back their ambitions hard, while at the same time having jaded third-years telling me they did indeed bite off more than they can chew and no way will they have what they were hoping to have by the end, even though they'd modified their goals in the face of my dire warnings last year.

So the wheel turns.

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