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1:14pm on Tuesday, 8th May, 2018:



All I knew about Krakow before this trip came from games (including the fact that the soccer stadium is very intimidating for visiting teams). It turns out it has a very pretty centre that seems to have escaped largely unscathed from the Communist era.

I escaped largelyunscathed from the capitalist era. The driver taking me from the airport had a brand-new Mercedes, which was no deterrent to his using his mobile phone. He was texting at a set of traffic lights, the car in front went forward one vehicle's length and stopped, and my driver figured the lights must have changed and put his foot down as if they had. Fortunately, the Mercedes threw up all manner of alarms and emergency braking, saving me from having to walk the rest of the way and him from having to seek new employment.

Ah, better stop, my talk is in 15 minutes and I have to set up...

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