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11:03am on Monday, 7th May, 2018:



There are some things I like about Stansted Airport: it's less than an hour's drive from my house; parking is relatively easy; it flies to many European destinations.

There are many more things I dislike about Stansted Airport: it has too few seats; it has a serpentine of shops to walk past to get to said seats; the shuttle trains to distant gates don't hold enough people; the security process is too susceptible to delays caused by one problematic passenger; you really don't want to arrive at the airport at the same time a train disgorges its passengers; the wi-fi is slow and makes intrusive demands; the food places are expensive for what you get.

Still, if I'd been flying to Kraków from Heathrow, I'd have had to have got up two hours earlier and the experience there wouldn't have been all that much better anyway (especially for terminals 1-3). Stansted it is, then,

Now to see if I can make my new phone act as a wi-fi hotspot so Ican upload this.

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