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9:22am on Sunday, 3rd June, 2018:



I'm sitting in terminal 2, Heathrow, having arrived the requisite stupidly early for a flight to Stockholm. I'm away for the whole week, attending the Gotland Game Conference in Visby (where I'm a judge) followed by the Higher Education Video Game Alliance symposium in the same place. I've been to the GGC before, but not HEVGA; I hope I don't have to say anything at it or I'll be making it up on the spot.

I've brought about 40 CE217 exam papers to mark. I did have 80, but managed to get some done yesterday. Even so, they occupy a lot of space in my suitcase. They weigh a lot, too; they're basically a 4cm-thick, A4-sized block of wood. I forgot to pack dice, so will actually have to mark them, too.

As I'mtyping all this on my laptop, for the next week expect the usual bad typing that comes with this...

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