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5:04pm on Wednesday, 12th October, 2016:

Outside In


I've put the images from my book MMOs from the Outside In on my web site now (http://www.youhaventlived.com/MMOSWTF/index.html), to go with the ones from MMOs from the Inside Out (http://www.youhaventlived.com/MMOSFTW/index.html). If you're one of the few people in possession of the book, you can now see what those grainy images are supposed to look like.

I received a royalty cheque for the books yesterday that came to just over $80. I had such high hopes for them, but a rushed deadline and bad launch for books works just the same as it does for MMOs. Their main intended readership (MMO players) aren't even aware of them, let alone giving them any traction. I'm somewhat disappointed.

Still, the way the pound is going $80 is going to be worth like £800 soon, so it's not all gloom.

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