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4:38pm on Tuesday, 11th October, 2016:

IGGI Cohort 4


It's that time of year when we advertise for applicants to the IGGI Doctoral Training Centre, so here I am advertising it.

IGGI stands for "Intelligent Games, Games Intelligence": it's basically about the interface between games and Artificial Intelligence (either AI for games — the IG part — or games for AI — the GI part). The universities of Essex, York and Goldsmiths (London) run it jointly, and it's now the largest research group for AI and games in the world.

What makes IGGI attractive beyond its subject matter is the fact that it's fully-funded: not only are the fees covered, but students get a stipend, too. You're PAID to do a PhD! If you're starting an MSc or your final year of a BSc this year and you're considering doing a PhD, it's very well worth investigating.

We have something like 10-12 studentships available each year. At most one of these can be for an international student; the rest are UK/EU (and at the moment, the advice we've received suggests that the EU part is Brexit-proofed). For these 10-12 spots, we get 70 or more applications each year, so competition is tight. It's less tight (but still tight) for UK/EU students, though, as up to half the applicants are international.

If you're interested, check out http://www.iggi.org.uk/apply/.

This advertisement would be paid for by the IGGI super PAC if we had one.

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