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8:04pm on Friday, 8th July, 2016:



We docked in La Coruña today, a city famous for its ancient tower. It looked pretty good as we approached, as our cruise director had arranged for it to be shrouded in mist.

The city itself looked quite pretty, and we docked quite close to the centre.

We didn't get to look at it though, because we went on a tour to Santiago de Compostela. This is the destination of the greatest pilgrimage route in Christendom, and the place was indeed packed with pilgrims who had walked there from all over Europe (or at least all over Spain). The main centrepiece is the cathedral, but this looks a bit of a mess at the moment as it's being restored and is covered in scaffolding and netting. Round the back, though, the Holy Gate was open by order of the Pope.

This is an extremely rare event, apparently. We therefore went into the cathedral through it, then immediately left through it again (it led straight to a queue to see St James's bones in an urn). The cathedral was quite ornate inside at the altar end, but otherwise nothing special. The streets around it were very pretty, though.

We really liked Santiago, but I do feel a pang of regret for not having explored La Coruña.

The temperature in Santiago hit 30 Celsius (likely to be its hottest day of the year) and it had clear skies, but we'd been told the weather would be 23 Celsius and cloudy. We therefore hadn't put on any suncream. We may suffer for this tomorrow...

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