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1:50pm on Thursday, 7th July, 2016:



We revisited Bilbao today. It's a very clean city, which perhaps explains why every picture I've taken of a street scene has a garbage truck or a rubbish skip in it. The clouds held off, so we took a funny-colour railway to the top of a hill for a panoramic view.

We walked almost the full width of what you can see here, as our coach was on the right about half-way up and the old town is on the left about half-way up. We'd been told by some fellow passengers that there was a market in the old town that we ought to visit, which we'd missed yesterday. It was probaby excellent if you like dead fish, but I can't say I'm a fan. It also had odd things such as pig skin for sale. I could have bought an entire pig's head for €8.

Tapas for lunch again, then we returned to the ship.

Here's a picture of a mini stuck to the wall:

I'm taking photos with my phone now, which seems to work fine but risks wiping the magnetic strip on my room key.

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