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12:26am on Saturday, 5th November, 2016:

Dark Days


Well I have to say, the people who have been praising Project Horseshoe to the skies haven't been overstating it: it's an absolutely wondrous environment for game designers. I can talk to any one of thirty people here and know that they will: a) know what I'm talking about without any need for an explanation; b) have something insightful to say to say; and c) actively want to engage with the subject. Likewise, people can come up to me and do the same. Given how infrequently I get to speak to game designers for long periods of time back home, it's like some kind of paradise for me. I can listen and I can learn. Everyone here just ... gets it.

I only wish they had a Project Horseshoe Europe, so I could go every year.

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