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3:21am on Friday, 4th November, 2016:

Out of Voice


I've only been at Project Horseshoe for half a day so far, but it's been worth the travel just for that. It's great to have conversations about design with people who know what they're (and indeed I'm) talking about. I don't get many such discussions on the UK, so having many of them, involving multiple people, one after the other is amazing!

I don't know how things will go tomorrow, as we're split into work groups to discuss particular topics. The topics were proposed beforehand, and we listed our top three; unfortunately, none of the topics I had in my top three had enough other people interested in them, so I'm yet to find a group. I think I'll maybe have to play it by ear.

Everyone else is playing board games at the moment, but I went back to my room to write this brief report for you. I really am that considerate.

I also need to spend some time regretting having just eaten an entire family-sized packet of gummibears.

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