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6:35pm on Tuesday, 2nd February, 2016:

Long List


The applications are in for this year's intake for the IGGI Doctoral Training programme for AI and games, of which I'm a part. Last year, we had 59 applications; this year, we have 68. Furthermore, fewer this year are speculative approaches from people who make swathes of applications across the world, hoping that one will bite.

Across the three universities that comprise IGGI, we're going to be able to take at least 9, probably 10 and just about possibly 11. This means that even some very, very good candidates won't be offered places (which also happened last year). There's an argument that the scheme should be expanded, but I doubt the money is available even if the research council wanted to give us it.

None of the applicants have identified me to be their prospective supervisor, which is fine for the moment as we have plenty of other people who can supervise. However, I do expect to take at least one more, perhaps two, in future years. This time, though, I'm helping other people decide which students are going to get the fully-funded 4-year studentships available.

The unhappy job of long-listing candidates thus begins.

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