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4:31pm on Monday, 1st February, 2016:



The launch of my books is more and more resembling the typical launch of an MMO. There doesn't seem to be a plan, and everything is going according to it.

The last I saw of my books, they were in pieces after I did the major crunch work on them in the run-up to Christmas. The first one i apparently available on Amazon US and the Google Play store, and has been for a couple of weeks; it may be available elsewhere, too, but the UK isn't included in "elsewhere" so I haven't got hold of a copy myself. I can't send anyone else copies, because I have none to send. The release date still says April, so for all I know it hasn't launched yet and it's been released by mistake. I certainly can't announce to the world that it's available, in case the world can't find it.

The latest surprise is like the first patch. The cover has been changed:

The one on the left is the original one; the ugly one that's fallen victium to some kind of corporate over-branding is the new one. I far, far prefer the former to the latter. However, I've no idea which version I'll get when the copy I've pre-ordered from Amazon finally arrives (or, if the publishers ever send me the ten free copies they're supposed to send me, which they'll be). I do know that if I'd bought both the first book (MMOs from the Inside Out) and the second book (MMOs from the Outside In) and I got different cover styles on each, I would be cross. Those few people who have bought copies so far may well have that to look foward to.

I'm expecting that the first reviews of the books will be negative, by the way; that's what happened with Designing Virtual Worlds. People who don't like books are more likely to dash out a bad review before they finish them, whereas people who do like them will wait until they've finished before saying so. That doesn't mean the later reviews will be positive either, of course.

Luckily, I'm not expecting to be able to retire on the proceeds of sales...

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