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4:22pm on Wednesday, 14th January, 2015:



I've now taught both the sets of undergraduates I have this term.

The second years seem quite enthusiastic, but then that's only to be expected given that this week begins the second half of their three-year degree yet only now are they getting some games-specific lectures. The previous 18 months they've been getting lectures shared with other degree schemes. Much of it is games-related (C++ programming, for example), but it's not games-specific. Some of them seem quite sparky, which is always good. Others may also be sparky, but don't wish to stand out from their peers by exhibiting it (sigh...).

The third years are the ones who, in their second year, had my lecture at 9am on a Tuesday and as a result declined in the main to show up. This year, the timetable office decided to put the lecture in the much more student-friendly slot of 9am on a Wednesday. This explains why I only had 2 students present when the lecture started. The lectures are 2 hours long this time round and there are only half as many of them, so I did get more students rolling up (some over an hour late). I'm hoping as it dawns on them that when they leave university they will get jobs that will most likely have a be-here-or-be-sacked start time, so they may consider getting into practice. That said, as with the second years, there are students in the group who have a definite future in the games industry if they manage to get noticed, so I'm actually upbeat about them overall.

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