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8:51pm on Sunday, 12th July, 2015:



Here's a photo of a broken zip:

It was Gala Night on the cruise this evening, an event for which we all dress up to look smart. I brought my suit with me specifically for Gala Night.

That zip was on the fly of the trousers of my suit. It broke in two while I was putting them on.

I didn't have any other trousers with me that remotely matched the jacket, so I had to wear the ones with the broken zip and stitch the fly up with a needle and cotton while I was wearing them. I have to say, I've had easier running repairs to make than that. Luckily for me, the sea was relatively calm or I might have stabbed myself [insert prick pun here].

Pro tip: if ever you find yourself in the same position, visit the lavatory before you do the stitching.

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