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1:06pm on Sunday, 12th July, 2015:



We arrived at the airport in Stockholm on time yesterday. Passport control was a breeze to get through, and we were well on course to get on our shuttle bus and make it to the ship in time for the lifeboat drill. All we had to do was collect our bags and meet the reps from Costa Cruises.

The baggage carousel was quite informative. There was a countdown in the screen telling us when our baggage would arrive. It started at something like 6 minutes, then went down to 0 minutes, then ...

It remained at 0 minutes for maybe a quarter of an hour. Our luggage came out last of all, and when it did we collected it and went through to meet the waiting reps a good 55 minutes after the flight touched down and 30 minutes later than they were expecting. They were somewhat relieved, as they had a coachload of French tourists waiting for us who were starting to get impatient.

We arrived during the lifeboat drill, which meant we had to attend the second one at 11pm. After we ate, there were still two hours to kill so we watched some TV. The TV channels in English were BBC World News and a Costa channel that did nothing except show a safety video. We watched it once, then it repeated, so that was that.

Come 11pm, we went to the discotheque where the lifeboat drill was being held. There, they showed us the video we had just watched in our cabin. We were shown where our muster station is (two floors directly beneat hour cabin) (oops, stateroom) and we didn't go anywhere near a lifeboat.

Oh well, never mind. What's the chance of a Costa cruise sinking, eh?

One good point about staying up unnecessarily late was that we got to see the ship wrought in clouds on the horizon:

I don't know how they fixed the weather to do that.

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