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10:30am on Thursday, 1st January, 2015:

10 Up, Down


Today marks the tenth anniversary of QBlog. I've written an entry every day during this period, although I haven't always been able to upload them daily.

Readership has undoubtedly declined, as blogs have gone out of fashion to be replaced by the likes of Facebook and Twitter. I cross-post to Google+, but don't have many readers there — about a thousand, most of whom probably don't use the service any more. I could cross-post to Facebook too, but I try to keep off it as my feed is a mess and I'll need to unfollow something like 400 people before it'll contain posts only from individuals I actually know. I'm considering using twitterfeed to repost my blog automatically on Twitter, but Twitter is a time sink; besides, I don't want to scare off all the bots that have signed up to follow me there...

In 2014 there were 33,593 visits to QBlog, down on 55,273 visits in 2013 and 65,892 in 2012. The most-read post had 168 unique visits, compared to 433 in 2013, 1,086 in 2012. As for what the top post was, well it seems to have been the one from 20th May that showed a picture of a shoe shop in Shewell Walk. Next, on 161, was the 22nd January post about a minor problem I'd had in configuring my equipment in The Secret World.

The only other posts with more than 140 uniques were: 153 February 25th about our TSW raid tank who was out doing it for real on the streets of Ukraine (he's back safe and sound now, by the way); 148 July 29th about a paper-clipping device I was throwing out; 145 February 20th about detecting lies in Twitter and religion; 141 January 27th about a price differential in fabric prices.

In other words, none of the posts stood out and the ones that rated highly probably only did so because of noise.

I'm a bit fed up, to be honest.

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