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4:21pm on Wednesday, 31st December, 2014:

C. L. Wuest


Here are some playing cards I bought recently for my collection. I promise I won't bore you with any more this year...

These are by C. L. Wüst, a sought-after manufacturer from Frankfurt, Germany that operated between 1811 and 1927. I know they're by Wüst because it says so on the Ace of Diamonds and the Jack of Clubs; however, I can't find a match for them on the World Web Playing Card Museum, which is where I usually look.

The seller (from Holland) dated the pack 1880, which seems possible. The cards have no index numbers, though, and there isn't a joker, so if I'd had to guess I'd have gone for more like 1870. There's no tax stamp, either, so it's a bit of a mystery deck.

Still good to look at, though.

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