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2:14pm on Wednesday, 30th April, 2014:

MUD1 Code


For years, if anyone has asked me for a copy of the MUD1 source code for valid academic purposes, I've sent them it. The reason I didn't made it publicly available was because MUD2 includes great swathes of MUD1, so it would have acted as a giant cheat sheet. The kind of people who play MUD2 nowadays aren't the kind who use cheatsheets, though, so I figured that it's probably safe to release the code into the wild.

I asked Roy Trubshaw about it and we decided to let Stanford University have a copy of the source code, which they can make available to the world if they want. We signed the copyright release earlier this week, so Stanford University Libraries have now made the announcement.

Why Stanford? Well, they have all my hard copies of materials for the game. As for why they have them, well they were the first to ask.

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