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5:28pm on Thursday, 1st May, 2014:



It was the first CE217 revision lecture today. Unlike the non-revision lectures, it was very well attended. There were people present whom I don't recall ever having seen in a lecture; I would have been entirely unable to pick them out of an identity parade as being a CE217 student, that's for sure.

Unfortunately, today was also the day that CE217 students were given their Student Assessment of Modules forms to fill in. This is where they get to deliver their verdict on my teaching. Only four students regularly turned up for the lectures (and one of those wasn't present at the revision lecture), which means the people who only attended a handful of lectures outnumbered the regulars five to one. I was assessed on my teaching skills overwhelmingly by people who didn't really experience them.

I'm steeling myself for the inevitable: CE217 will have one of the worst student assessment results, I'll be called up before the Head of Department to explain myself and quite possibly be required to attend a remedial course on how to lecture.


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