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11:13am on Monday, 29th December, 2014:

Police Harassment


I stopped off at Sainsbury's this morning on the way back from taking my younger daughter to work. It was cold, so I wanted to park close to the entrance. There was a gap between two police vans, so I pulled up between them.

Suddenly, I was moving backwards! I grabbed the handbrake, but it was on. I slammed my feet on the brake and clutch and tried to switch off the engine, but it was already off.

The two police vans had moved off at exactly the same time either side of me, giving the vection illusion that I was rolling backwards down a non-existent slope. I can't believe they hadn't choreographed it. They must have been waiting there all ready to go, just waiting for some hapless victim to park between them.

Oh well, at least it means that there isn't much crime going on right now, if the cops can prank people in car parks.

It was actually amusing once I realised what was going on...

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