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5:35pm on Sunday, 28th December, 2014:



My wife got me a little quadricopter for Christmas. It's a little easier to fly than the helicopter my dad got me a few Christmases ago, in that I can get it off the ground without endangering the ceiling or anyone else in the room. Being small, its controller takes two AAA batteries.

I have a box full of batteries of assorted sizes, mainly AA. I did have two AAA batteries in it, though, because you never know when you might need them. OK, so I hadn't needed any for about 3 years, but their time had now come so great! Planning ahead works!

Yesterday, the timer my wife uses in the kitchen started displaying only half its numbers. It needed a new battery. It takes one AAA. I had to remove one from my controller. I can no longer fly my quadricopter.

Three years without needing a AAA battery and then I suddenly need three in the space of three days.

Damned probability statistics, coming along and ruining everything...

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