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3:58pm on Thursday, 20th February, 2014:

Thought for Tomorrow


I had Radio 4 on as I drove to work this morning, and Thought for Today came on (Today being the name of the programme I was listening to). The subject was how a bunch of academics are working to come up with an algorithm that will tell whether people are lying on Twitter.

Hmm. Thought for Today is the segment where they get a religious person to deliver a mini-sermon riffing off a recent news item. The one this morning began with the lie detection thing and then went on to say how bad lies are and how we shouldn't lie as it will leave our lives imbalanced and so on. The speaker, while mentioning how in the Book of Genesis the world was spoken into being, did not apparently see fit to question whether this source might itself not be entirely reliable.

Wouldn't it be great if the lie-detection system for Twitter flagged up religious rhetoric as being a lie??

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