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8:38am on Saturday, 16th August, 2014:

Something of a Spectacle


I don't wear glasses, which is somewhat unusual for a person in their 50s. I have some glasses, but I don't need them. This is because my left eye is good from close up to the far middle distance and my right eye is good from the near middle distance to infinity. Lots of other people have this asymmetry with their eyes and still wear glasses, but that's because if they don't then they get headaches. I never get headaches under any circumstances, so I have no problem. I only really notice it if for some reason my vision from one eye is occluded, for example if I were looking at something in the distance then someone stood in the way so that only my left eye had a clear view. Indeed, that's how I found out how it worked.

Last weekend in Oxford, I noticed I was getting a stye on my left eyelid. It swelled up during the week, and I still have it today. I'm hoping it's not going to turn into another eyelid-surgery cyst, but it could. Apart from making me look odd, which offends my vanity, it seems to cause my eye to relese some kind of oil which blurs my vision. Blinking will either clear it for a few seconds or make it worse; running my little finger over my eyeball will definitely clear it, but I'm reluctant to do this because, well, it involves running my little finger over my eyeball.

The net result is that my right eye is being asked to handle close-up work it's not good at. I can force it to focus on my laptop's screen, for example, but that's going to make it hurt if I do it for too long. Fortunately, suspecting that I was getting a stye on my eyelid, I took the precaution of bringing my reading glasses with me. I tried them out last nightin the hotel: it makes no difference for the left eye, which is still blurry, but the right eye can focus on stuff at a reading distance.

I'm thinking that maybe I'll dig them out of my suitcase to do some reading while I wait here at the airport. Then again, there's free wi-fi so maybe I'll just look at cat pictures or whatever's on the Internet these days instead.

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