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9:18pm on Friday, 15th August, 2014:

Flea Market


Last night I walked past the restaurant we were eating at 3 times without spotting it. I had to switch on data roaming to find it on a map, so may be bankrupted by the charges upon my return.

Tonight was at a restaurant attached to the conference venue (well, it was in the grounds of the Schloss) so it was easy to find. I discovered that there was an all-night flea market on in Münster along the premenade (an avenue of treas following the course of the old city walls). At 10pm I therefore said farewell to my hosts and left to see if anyone along the 4km route was selling antique playing cards.

It started to rain.

The reason I couldn't find the restaurant yesterday was that the original restaurant (along with many others in the old town) had not fully reopened following a city-wide flood caused by torrential rain a month ago, so the conference organisers had to go with one slightly off the beaten track. This evening, I got a taste of that rain. It's heavy, persistent and relentless (a bit like the German economy). I got back to the hotel with my legs drenched beneath the knee, my bag (containing the laptop I'm writing this on) leaking water through the zip, my left arm (not covered by my umbrella) wet through my jacket; only my shoes remained watertight, but they're not going to look pleasant tomorrow.

Maybe I'll give the flea market a miss.

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