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2:11pm on Saturday, 15th November, 2014:

The Survey Says


My younger daughter brought to my attention this wonderful not-suitable-for-work survey of 773 students carried out by her university student newspaper. Some highlights:

"At what age did you first have sex?" Under 13 (2%)
"How many sexual partners have you had since coming to UEA?" 31+ (1%)
"Have you ever had sex with more than one partner at once?" Unsure (1%)
"Have you ever had sex when you didn't want to?" Yes (32%)
"Have you ever had sexual experiences under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol?" Maybe (1%)
"Have you ever given oral sex?" Unsure (1%)
"What do you think makes a bad sexual experience?" When the paper isn't correctly filed after. Nightmare.
"Have you ever taken part in role play during sex? If yes, what was it?" We re-enacted a scene from David Attenborough, the Africa series.
"Do other people's sex lives affect your university life? How does this affect you?" I like to watch but my boring flatmates won't let me.
"Do you think it is ever acceptable to cheat on a partner? Why?" If you want to be rid of them.

The answers in the "What are your sexual fantasies?" section at the end are awash with strangeness, although a special shout out goes to the rather poignant "My girlfriend wanting to have regular sex with me again."

We don't have surveys like this at Essex University. Maybe if we did, our recruitment would go up...

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